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February 16, 2015

This Art Deco inspired fashion accessory story was shot for Niche Media. Thank you to the amazing team helping me create these images. Styling Betim Balaman, Creative Director Ann Song, Fashion Director Samantha Yanks, Senior Fashion Editor Lauren Finney and Fashion Editor Faye Power.












Model Cristina Ambers, Manicurist Kiyo Okada at Garren New York for Chanel Le Vernis, Props Stylist Brenda Barr for Mark Edward INC, Creative Director Ann Song, Fashion Director Samantha Yanks, Senior Fashion Editor Lauren Finney, Fashion Editor and styling Faye Power.








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a series of book covers

December 4, 2014

Some of my book covers… the latest being Cabin Fever on stands now.  I am appreciative to all those who helped me create these images, Boris Kodjoe, David Baratta, Warren mason, Joanne Reynolds and Michael Meyers

cabin_fever_book_cover a Japanese book on the Kama Sutra


matthew_goldman_eeg_156_tear_v1This conceptual image was shot on video after which I photographed the video screen

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This jewelry fashion accessory story was shot on location at  The Monarch Room NYC. Thank you to the amazing team helping me create these images. Model Sabina Smutna at Wilhelmina NY, Stylist Mindy Saad, Hair Anja Grasseger at Factory Downtown,  Makeup Robert Greene Kate Ryan inc, Manicurist Casandra Lamar, Props Stylist Veronique Zanettin, Creative Director Ann Song, Fashion Director Samantha Yanks, Senior Fashion Editor Lauren Finney,  Fashion Editor Faye Power,  Producer Vanessa Ly.







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candy_corn_313-2 copyright Bill Diodato

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My longtime friends and ambitious contemporary artists Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe have another mind blowing show opening up at Marlborough Gallery in Chelsea. A must see for sure!


Marlborough Chelsea is pleased to present Floating Chain (High-Res Toni), the third exhibition with the gallery of the ongoing collaboration of Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe. The opening reception will be held the evening of Tuesday, October 28th from 6PM – 8PM at 545 West 25th Street. The exhibition runs through November 29, 2014.

The central component of the exhibition is a film entitled The Floating Chain. It takes the form a faux-ethnographic cut-up narrative illustrated through a series of props, environments, pictures and architectural models. The film’s aesthetic is inspired by the surrealistic banality of a breakfast cereal commercial, and the physical setting is the placeless and timeless location of the “set”. People exist solely in pictures on the wall, footage on monitors or voices from a stereo.  Scenes, divided into discrete chapters, play within the frame of a television or film projection located within the “set”. Each chapter is told through a disembodied voiceover that illustrates a series of disparate groups and settings. The cumulative result is a collage portrait of a parallel science fiction culture where the cohesive whole is left in obscurity.
The exhibition spirals out from the film screening room into a series of architectural interiors that represent the mise-en-scene of different social groups and historical time periods. This is a continuation of the artists’ practice of using the room as a vehicle for an ethno-fictional display of the remnants of the built world. It includes an inner-city swap meet, a 1960’s hotel lounge, and a site of domestic fantasy among other recognizable but non-specific liminal spaces such as hallways and waiting rooms.
A through-line of the show is the appropriation of The Continuous Monument: An Architectural Model For Total Urbanization by the 1960’s-70’s Italian architectural collective known as Superstudio. A system of rectilinear forms comprised of square blocks, Continuous Monumentwas articulated through a series of theoretical renderings of a superstructure imagined as a single contiguous environment spanning the entire planet. The notion is a comical critique of the reductive ambitions of modernism, techno-utopianism and uniform culture. For this exhibitionFreeman and Lowe have taken Superstudio’s square grid pattern as a basis for a system of rectilinear sculptures that pierce through the existing architecture of the gallery, imposing extreme rational uniformity onto the character of each room. In several cases, the interior of the rectilinear forms will be clad in mirrors offering kaleidoscopic apertures into adjacent rooms and creating a skewed continuity to the overall installation.

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This Editorial fashion accessory story for Niche Media was shot in NYC on the streets of the financial district. Amazing team headed by Fashion Editor Faye Power with Styling by Kadeem Greaves,  Creative Director Ann Song, Fashion Director Samantha Yanks, Senior Fashion Editor Lauren Finney, Producer Vanessa Ly.






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This photographic title by Brian Rose follows his earlier work on New York neighborhoods in the 1980′s and then revisits them in the 2010′s.  The images in this latest book document the trendy NYC neighborhood known as the Meatpacking District. Brian Rose launch’s this new book and exhibition of  Metamorphosis: Meatpacking District 1985 + 2013.  The event will take place from 6pm-8pm on July 15th at the Dillon Gallery which is located at 555 West 25th St. New York, NY. The exhibition will be be open from July 15th through August 15th.

                                                            Click to see book preview

metamorphosis-cover_500px                                                    Published by Golden Section Publishers, 2014


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Fun shoot at beautiful location in Agua Dolce, California with fit model Ashley Novak, Creative Director Ben Margherita,Photo Director Toni Paciello, Fitness Director Jeanine Detz, Photo Editor David Baratta, Hair/Makeup Daniele Piersons


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This shoot of model Leah O with Wilhelmina was shot on location in Malibu California. Creative Director Ben Margherita, Photo Director Toni Paciello, Fitness Director Jeanine Detz, Photo Editor David Baratta, Makeup and Hair Daniele Pierson.



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